ECO National

ECO National

Covenant is part of the Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians (ECO).  As such, we share in the mission to build flourishing churches that make disciples of Christ.  More information can be found here.

The name ECO is not an acronym. It reinforces our passion for strengthening the ecosystems of local churches. We believe that the Church is a living organism that needs life-giving resources to help it grow, thrive, and multiply. ECO is committed to cultivating a healthy, diverse, resource-rich ecosystem where pastors and congregations can flourish.

There are currently over 380 congregations and 500+ pastors in this movement.  Covenant Church is one of eleven in Arizona, and together as Hope Presbytery we support for one another and work together toward larger Kingdom goals.   

ECO Values

The Complete Local

The strength of our movement is how we create nimble environments for churches to flourish in their unique Kingdom calling. Demonstrated by:

  • Our efficient structures that maximize each church's identity and effectiveness.
  • Our creativity to embolden and develop a variety of distinct missional expressions.
  • Our adamant belief that the stronger each church is, the stronger we all are.

A Livable Theology

The strength of our faith is how we live out our Reformed beliefs in a relentlessly contextual way. Demonstrated by:

  • Our zealous view that the sovereignty of God drives our ability to risk.
  • Our call to deeply influence culture with the Gospel, not just protect theology.
  • Our passion that renewed minds lead people to embody their faith in Jesus every day.

Our Mutual Spurring

The strength of our covenant community is how we challenge one another to constantly transform. Demonstrated by:

  • Our distinct systems that inspire and equip continual advancement.
  • Our innovative coaching culture that magnifies the power of relational partnership.
  • Our strategic connections with the wider evangelical body to deepen impact here and globally.

Our Leadership Acceleration

The strength of our influence is how we together create vibrant systems for leader multiplication. Demonstrated by:

  • Our competency-based approach that unleashes the potential of all God's people.
  • Our thoughtful attention to help women and men lead and thrive in all phases of life and ministry.
  • Our intential focus to equip congregations to deploy laity in exponential ways.